Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 7: What is your dream job and why?

     My dream job is to become either a mom, a scientist, an author, or a teacher. I want to become a mom, because well, I love kids!
      I want to become a scientist, because I love science. I love doing experiments, and learning new things every day. If I become a scientist, I'll have my lab overfilled with papers and new ideas for experiments. My favorite thing to learn about science every day is probably either microorganisms, or heat. The phases of the moon seem to kinda bore me, but I still like learning how the moon reflects off the sun, and that's how the moon phases are made, stuff like that. Those are really the only things we've been talking about this year. I don't remember anything about science last year. :)
      I want to become an author, because I love to write! I have tons and tons and tons of ideas for books that I'm planning to write. As you can see, I have a blog because my teacher recommended that I get one so I can practice writing in front of people, and that I'm a really good writer. :) I can't wait to get one of my books published some day!
     I want to become a teacher, because as I said before, I love kids! I really want to teach 6th grade, because teaching in k-4th grade is boring because it would be really easy. 5th grade is a little bit hard, but 6th grade is harder. And I would want to teach Language Arts and Science.:) I also really want to decorate my room. I don't have any specific ideas for how I'll decorate my room, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome!:) That is why I want to be a mom, a scientist, an author, and a teacher!

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  1. You will be great at any of those jobs! I love you bigger than the world :)