Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quotes from my math teacher...

The title really says it all. Mr. Williamson, my math/history teacher, is the founder of the Space Center. Like, he actually built it and came up with the idea all by himself. So, we went to the Space Center on a field trip last week. It was really fun. Anyways, he was telling us all about how he founded it, was it was about, etc... So, here's some really funny quotes I quickly wrote down while he was talking... ;D :D These are just a couple of them...:D ;D

                                                               Quotes from my math teacher:

"So, we went to a field trip to Japan, and I ran into this Catholic Nun who has a spaceship in her classroom."
"So why dont the aliens just land on the White House lawn and say hi?"
"The inspector people didn't like my staircase."
"These brain pills (Actually M&Ms) are made specially from Gazelle Sweat."
"So if you ever want to get smart, go lick a Gazelle!"