Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Have Failed

Obviously, I have failed at blogging. I've been doing a 30 day blog challenge, but since I have failed at that, I've  decided that I'm just going to stop doing it. So, instead of doing one of the challenges, I'm going to start doing the "Quotes of the Month" every month. These are just funny and random quotes me and my family say. Here they are... 

Quotes of the Month!

 "You just have to go back to the giant guy, and get some soup!"-Jill

Jill: "I don't even think I can cheat at this game to let you win. This isn't Candyland."
Grace: "Oh... Wait, what?!"

Dad: "Does Snickers like grapes?"
Grace: "No. She walks around with them in her mouth trying to like them, but then she just spits them out."

Grace: "Oh! It says the Parting Glass, not the Farting Glass!"
Mom: "Yes. It's a glass that you can collect your farts in, and you can share them with others. Apparently there's things I haven't told you yet!"

Jill: "I'm craving queso dip."
Mom: "......We have alfredo sauce!"

 "That would be better than being cooked inside a human pita pocket!"-Ty

"END OF DAYS!!!"-Mom

Grace: "What did you say that was, Ry? Oocu?"
Jill: "The evil Voldemort chicken?!"
Ryan: "It was UCCU!"


"I just licked the flashlight."-Grace

"I am really convinced that Snickers can read my mind."-Grace

"I really want to eat that beaver. Go sit in that post it note."-Grace

"You can smell the clown?!"-Mom to Jill